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Frequently asked questions

Which languages does Snail support?

Snail primarily supports English, but it also works with other major languages. Therefore, it is indeed a multilingual tool.

Is Snail a free service?

Snail provides 30 minutes of free transcription each month. If you need additional transcription time, you can purchase extra credits directly from the app.

Does Snail store any user data?

No, Snail does not store your messages. Furthermore, your messages will not be sold to third parties, nor will they be transferred to anyone else. We do, however, monitor some anonymized data to improve our service.

How do I start using Snail?

To start using Snail, simply open your WhatsApp, add Snail to your contacts, and begin sending voice messages. Snail will transcribe your messages and send back the text.

Why are there mistakes in the transcription?

Snail utilizes AI technologies for transcriptions, and while highly accurate, it isn't perfect. Certain accents, speech speed, and background noise can sometimes lead to errors in the transcription.